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Telstra Lives Up To New Name ‘Helstra’ As Both Broadband & Foxtel Network Crash Again

First it was Vodafail, now Telstra who has been renamed ‘Helstra’ is again facing another network failure with key Sydney Metropolitan suburbs without both broadband and Foxtel services tonight.

On Sydney’s North Shore residents are being advised that both their broadband and Foxtel services could be down for three days.

Over December and January 2016 Telstra services were down for nine days because Telstra staff did not want to work over the Christmas New Year period fixing local problems in the area.

Then when the service came back I was one of the many residents of Mosman who had to wait another week to get a new modem as the old Telstra modem was unable to handle the new Telstra broadband connection.Telstra Outages.

Earlier tonight I was again without a broadband or Foxtel service, and a visit to the Telstra site reveals that the service went down mid-morning today and will not be fixed till Friday 27th of May.

This is a network that is destroying business and causing grief for millions of Australians, with one outage after another.

Consumers who have been sucked into buying Telstra services at a premium price are now founding out first hand that Australia’s biggest carrier network is riddled with problems.

Telstra Boss Andy Penn Claims He Is Reading "All" The Messages From Angry Customers. "Pigs Arse" is he said one angry customer.

Telstra Boss Andy Penn Claims He Is Reading “All” The Messages From Angry Customers. “Pigs Arse” is he said one angry customer.

If it is not their mobile network that is crashing, it’s there broadband and Foxtel services that are bring consumers unstuck.

Right now my mobile is flashing that I have already used up 85% of my data allowance because I am tethering off my mobile to write to write this story on a notepad.
Earlier today Telstra was bleating that they had identified and repaired their network.

Hundreds have gone to social networks to say that Telstra was “wrong” to announce that its coverage was fixed.

On Friday morning, Telstra confirmed its network had experienced widespread outages across all capital cities and large regional areas – its seventh major outage in 2016.

Telstra then reported on Friday evening that “services affected today were restored”.

Over the past weekend hundreds of NSW business and homes were without a broadband connection, but because of Telstra terms and conditions it is very hard to sue the network for loss of business caused by a Company that on one hand brags about the quality of their network and levels of customer services and on the other leavers is quite prepared to leave consumers like a shag on a rock exposed to losses.

One angry North Shore consumer wrote “We need to remember Telstra is a premium-price service, people pay a lot of money to be with that company so I’d encourage everyone to keep detailed records of every outage they experience including any impact on their business operations and then seek compensation accordingly”.

“Telstra shouldn’t be leaving you on hold and they shouldn’t be leaving you without your contracted service so if these problems persist I would strongly urge you to contact the ombudsman and report it.”.

Todays Outages

Todays Outages

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