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Telstra Develops SIM for Wearable Devices

Telstra has announced it plans to introduce embedded SIM technology shortly, which will allow Australians to make calls or send texts from compatible wearable devices, instead of through their phone.

The new technology, named Telstra One Number, is said to connect wearable devices directly to Telstra’s mobile network, extending the individual’s mobile phone number to the wearable item also.

As such, once the mobile phone and wearable device were connected to the network, both devices could share a user’s phone plan, inclusive of calls, text, and data.

Telstra states of the innovation:

“Telstra One Number will be made available to Telstra customers on a range of up-coming devices. Initially, it will be available to post-paid consumer customers with small business, enterprise and prepaid customers to follow in the future”.

John Chambers, Telstra’s Product Innovation Executive Director, states of the new announcement and its influence on consumers:

““The ability to connect a wearable device, like a smartwatch, directly to a mobile network and integrate a customer’s existing mobile number will make these devices even more powerful companions. Up until now, customers have had to pair their smartphone with their wearable devices using Bluetooth to access calls, messages and notifications on their wearables”

“Customers won’t have to worry about forgetting their phone, or taking it with them when they pop out to the shops or go for a jog – with Telstra One Number they’ll still be connected to Australia’s best mobile network via their wearable”

“Because eSIMs are smaller than typical SIM cards, the technology will help designers bring connectivity and calling to a broader range of smaller wearable devices – from clothing and health monitors right through to fitness trackers and watches”.

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