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Telstra ‘Clear Winner’ Of Aussie 5G User Experience

Telstra has been named the ‘clear winner’ for 5G user experience in Australia, beating Optus’ average speeds by 61.9 Mbps according to latest numbers from Opensignal.

According to Opensignal, average speeds observed via a Telstra 5G connection notched 231.8 Mbps – 36.4% faster than on Optus.

It also significantly trumps the fastest average 4G download speeds of 50Mbps observed by testers at the operator level.


Both Optus and Telstra are deemed to be statistically tied on 5G availability – i.e. the percent of time 5G users spent connected to 5G services.

Telstra has continued to gradually push 5G connectivity ahead, with 5G download speeds jumping from 157 Mbps in May to 231.8 Mbps – up 47.7%.

The proportion of time that Telstra 5G users are spend connected to 5G has also climbed 2.3 percentage points.

It is the first time Opensignal has presented 5G awards in Australia, analysing 5G user experience across three measures including overall speeds when used across different generations of mobile technology.

Optus has also continued to ramp up its 5G capability, after switching on dual-band support for 5G in February (2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands).

In May, Telstra announced 5G standalone access, facilitating next-gen 5G smartphones to connect to 5G services without assistance from a 4G network.

Telstra claims its 5G services cover a third of Australia’s population, with ambitions to lift this to 75% by June 2021.

Both Telstra and Optus launched their 5G services in 2019, with Vodafone’s 5G services likely be included in Opensignal’s next 5G Australia 5G User Experience report.

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