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Telstra Brand Trashed, Even Worse Than Huawei In New Roy Morgan Survey

Dog-loving Telstra CEO Andy Penn, who this week sacked another 1,400 staff, now has the distinction of running one of Australia’s most distrusted companies, according to a new Roy Morgan survey of consumers.

The big research group released its annual survey of Australia’s most trusted brands the only problem is that Telstra failed to make the top trusted group but instead was lumped into the most distrusted brands even ahead of banned Chinese brand Huawei. The only brand in Australia that was distrusted more than Telstra was Facebook.

The sample of 10,728 respondents was engaged between April and September 2020 and therefore the results should be considered a sound barometer of a companies’ brand performance through the pandemic the research Group claims.

Woolworths and Coles took the top two spots, with Bunnings in third and Aldi in fourth spot. Missing from the top 10 was Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi.

Facebook is Australia’s most distrusted brand, with Google its eighth. Another big loser was Westpac who are seen as a shocking bank for their treatment of customers even the dead.

The Financial Review said ‘ To think that in 2018, the bank was spraying the airwaves with those curiously self-satisfied “Heroes” advertisements and emerged relatively unscathed from the royal commission. Turns out they weren’t so big on scam life insurance or stinging dead people for fees, they were merely banking the international child sex trade.

Even after all the loan and credit card deferrals, Westpac’s brand remains trashed – or resorting to mortgage terminology, in negative equity.

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