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TCL To Release Sub $1,500 Foldable Phone In 2020

TCL who are tipped to launch a new range of smartphones in Australia in 2020, including a top end model has joined Samsung and Huewei with the introduction of a foldable 7.2”-inch smartphone that is tipped to be sub $1,500 in Australia.

TCL who own the popular Alcatel brand said that the new device will not be launched in Australia till next year.

The device has a flexible OLED display and a new DragonHinge construction which observers at Mobile World Congress claim is the future of foldable device design due to the use of a series of small gears.

The DragonHinge

The first thing that observers notice with this device was that there was a huge gap on the hinge side of the closed device, because the screen can only be rolled, it can’t ever fold fully flat. This impressed several journalists who saw the device with magnets clasps locking the two sides together securely when the tablet was closed.

The exterior finish is similar to the matte surface of Moleskine notebooks, and the hinge construction has just the right amount of give and flex to be reassuring without being flimsy said the UK Guardian.

Other TCL products shown included a super elongated smartphone, which would collapse down into a bracelet that you can wrap around your wrist.

Another has a rigid U shape, like a bangle, and is also intended for the wrist.


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