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TCL, To Launch Cutting Edge Display Tablets,Seniors Smart Watches & True Wireless Headphones

TCL who are having a lot of success with their mobile phones in Australia including the all new TCL 10 Pro is now expanding into smart watches for seniors, tablets with high definition displays and a new generation of True Wireless value headphones.

Seniors Watch

TCL management believe that there is a market for senior smartwatches as 20% of seniors in Australia live alone and the big difference with the TCL offering is that Movie Time Family watch provides automatic fall detection, which notes when the wearer falls and sends an immediate alert (within 60 seconds) to assigned emergency contacts with the individual’s precise location.

The wearer can also dismiss the alert if necessary. With an embedded heart rate monitor and sensor, the watch will also keep an eye on heart rate and will alert the wearer to irregular activity, such as an accelerated or slower than average heart rate.

According to local CEO Sam Skontos their new offering will be an ideal present as “It delivers peace of mind for both the senior and family members” he said.

The 4G connected watch which is set to retail for around $240 provides hands-free two way calling, automatic fall detection, heart rate monitoring and medication reminders designed to help seniors maintain their independence.


Also coming from the Company who are #1 in TV’s in the USA due to their Display expertise are two value tablets compete with a pen, which have built in new NXTPAPER display technology which has been paired with a reflective screen to repurpose natural light, making it the world’s first “zero eye strain” display that can be used for larger screen surfaces such as tablets.

The larger TCL 10 TABMAX will have an 8-megapixel front facing camera, a 13-megapixel rear facing camera and a large 8000 mAh battery for all-day use.

It will be available in both 4G and Wi-Fi only models beginning in Q4.

Pricing for Australia has not been announced but is set to be sub $400.

The company’s proprietary NXTPAPER display technology is the combination of screen and paper and the culmination of two years of product research and design as well as 11 patents for eye protection.

This display technology provides Full-HD definition that offers a paper-like visual experience in full colour with no flicker and no harmful blue light. Claims TCL Management.

TCL achieves this by combining a highly reflective screen that uses TCL display technology to reuse natural light and has received eye protection certifications from the German Rhine laboratory as well SGS laboratory and German VDE.

When compared to traditional e-ink, TCL NXTPAPER has 25 percent higher contrast for better viewing and when compared to a typical LCD panel, TCL NXTPAPER is up to 36 percent thinner creating a device that can be much slimmer and lighter.

NXTPAPER display technology is also more than 65 percent more power efficient than a typical LCD, allowing for much better battery efficiency and overall longer device battery life. Designed specifically for larger format devices, such as tablets, TCL NXTPAPER technology is ideal for learning and reading, but also allows for smooth video playback which creates a better work and learning experience.

Finally, but not least the Company who is the #3 smartphone provider in Australia with their Alcatel and TCL smartphones there is a pair of new True Wireless headphones set to be released that are set to be sub $200.

True Wireless Headphones

The new MOVEAUDIO S200 deliver an enhanced audio experience by leveraging ENC noise reduction technology to reduce background noise and ensure that you always experience crystal clear calls.
Four built-in microphones use beamforming technology to filter out external noise and focus on your voice, ensuring you are easily heard and understood.

Each compact earbud is equipped with a highly precise and sensitive coil that brings your music to life, from deep bass to gentle acoustics. The headphones connect using Bluetooth 5.0 with a dual-Bluetooth transmission that ensures low latency while you’re watching movies or playing games. They also fit comfortably and offer an IP54 rating that makes them waterproof, dustproof and sweatproof, with a snug super ellipse design that’s easy to wear the entire day.

The new range from TCL is set to be available at a range of retail outlets including pharmacies for their Seniors Watch.

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