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AMD Battle Rumoured CPU & GPU Supply Saga

Supply of AMD’s CPUs and GPUs utilising the 7nm nodes are in doubt, as its computer parts manufacturer, TSMC, nearly reaches its production limits in a bid to meet market demand.

According to DigiTimes, due to the rise in popularity of the 7nm nodes, TSMC had to increase its production lead time from two months to around six just to keep up with the high demand.

By definition, production lead times relates to the period between the receipt of an order and its shipment to consumers.

The shortage is particularly the result of orders for Apple’s A13 chips, which are used in its 2019 iPhone models.

The extension of lead times threatens production of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series CPU processors and Navi GPUs (RX 5700 series).

TSMC is expected to set aside more funds in a bid to expand production capacity for its advanced processors.

The supposed supply constraints have caused AMD’s stocks to fall 1.8%.

However, this report is based on several unnamed industry sources, so only time will tell how accurate all of this speculation really is.

Both AMD and TSMC have yet to officially comment on the matter.

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