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Stunning New “Writable” Lenovo Yoga PC, Makes Apple Macs Look Like Yesterdays Technology

Lenovo has used IFA 2016 to deliver a stunning new Yoga two in one notebook that makes Microsoft’s Surface and Surface book and Apple’s iPad Pro look like yesterday’s technology.

The new 10.1-inch Yoga offering has three standout features, a touchscreen keyboard cover, that doubles as a drawing pad that can be laid flush against its screen, an add-on paper-like Create Pad to transfer written notes into the Yoga Book, and a Real Pen used to draw and write on both the cover screen and the Create Pad.

The new Yoga Book, is designed to seamlessly bridge touch, type, write and draw in “a new touchscreen form factor, purposely designed to meet the lifestyles of those we’ve identified as the ‘Touch Generation.'” Claims Lenovo executives.

Unlike the likes of Hewlett-Packard who have taken to designing gold and black “tizzy” looking PCs Lenovo is tipping millions into PC innovation to drive growth for example their new touch Halo Keyboard understands and adapts to the typing habits of the user, and their haptic technology is designed to reduce mistakes.

When the keyboard is turned off, the cover becomes a drawing pad. The Yoga Book’s touchscreen keyboard also covers doubles as a drawing pad.

Lenovo designers have designed the new two and one so that at the push of a button a backlight lights up the keys making them invisible. This instantly turns the keyboard into a Wacom enabled create pad.

Users can then combine a digitiser with Lenovo’s Note Saver app, this creates digital versions of anything written or doodled on it.01_YOGA_BOOK_LIFESTYLE_PHOTOGRAPHY_BLACK_LIBRARY-850x479

According to Lenovo, it took 18 months to develop the right coating for the Create Pad to replicate the touch and feel of real paper.

The cover consists of four layers: glass with anti-glare coating, a touch panel keyboard, an LGF backlighting membrane and, an EMR digitizing film.

All you have to do if you want to see your drawing or what you have written on the black create pad you simply lay a piece of regular paper over the screen, the paper is kept in place with a magnetic holder.

Owners of the new two in one of supplied with a Book Pad, of paper cut to A5 size to fit on the Create Pad surface.

Anything written on paper on the Create Pad gets digitized.15_YOGA_BOOK_LIFESTYLE_PHOTOGRAPHY_BLACK_BEDROOM-850x479

Drawing and writing is done with a new Lenovo Real Pen that is not only a digital stylus but an actual ink pen, which comes with replaceable ink cartridges, for writing on the included Book Pad.

The new Yoga offering is said to be available in Australia prior to Christmas and is set to retail for sub $699.

Available in either Book UI, a Lenovo-adapted version of Android 6.0 OS or Windows 10 in gunmetal grey or champagne gold, the Yoga Book starts with a 10.1 1,920 by 1,200 IPS display, measures just 9.6mm when closed, 5.5mm when open, tapering to 4.05mm at its slimmest edge, weighs just 1.52 pounds, and is rated to last 15 hours on a single charge. Constructed from magnesium and aluminium alloys, it turns on a smaller, three-axis version of Yoga’s watchband-style hinge.

Inside, the Yoga Book runs on an Intel quad core 2.4GHz Atom x5-Z8550 processor, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of user memory, which can be supplemented by an up to 128GB microSD card, and Dolby Atmos sound.

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