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Spotify Offers New Subscribers Three Months Free

Spotify has announced that it will be offering a free month trial to new premium subscribers.

The move to boost subscribers is likely part of the company’s preparation for the looming economic downturn. Spotify has already announced that it would be slowing its hiring process by 25 percent, and that it is looking to grow in not only subscriptions, but in what it offers subscribers. During its June investor presentation, CEO Daniel Ek said that the company wants to place a greater emphasis on avenues other than music, such as podcasting and eventually audiobooks.

To support this focus, the company has begun to introduce a redesign that separates music and podcasts, as well as adding separate play and shuffle buttons.

Spotify’s subscriber numbers have increased, rising from 182 to 188 from Q1 to Q2. Overall users increased from 422 million to 433 million.

The new offer, which is available until September 11th , will offer individual and student accounts three months for free, whilst Spotify Duo and Family accounts will get one month for free. Once the trial period ends, users will be charged the regular amount, which in Australia starts at $11.95 a month.

Existing users miss out, however those who cancelled their subscriptions before July 15th have been offered three months for the price of one.

Soptify’s lossless tier, Spotify HiFi is yet to make an appearance, despite being announced in February. Spotify estimated that it would be available later this year, and in select markets.

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