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Sony, Savant, Megapixel Unite To Deliver Smart Entertainment

Savant are highlighting new offerings for integrators through display solutions via Sony and Megapixel.

The smart power and smart home specialists announced a partnership with the major companies to provide integrators for an improved smart entertainment experience.

This means Savant now offer the Sony ES Home Cinema Laser Projector range through their Savant Store.

Sony’s ES front-projector line-up is an ultra-premium digital entertainment solution that enables integrators to put forward the finest video experience to clients that demand the best, while benefitting from Savant’s integrator programs. These include stock inventory, access to design and inhouse tech support as well as qualification for quarterly volume rebates.

Savant has also partnered with Megapixel VR to provide integrators with the best-possible 4K and 8K video tiling solutions.

Megapixel have a well-deserved reputation as the go-to name for video processing and state-of-the-art pro display tech.

With more than 200 technology patents under their belt, Megapixel are renowned for serving up fast-tracked, customized, cutting-edge LED displays and processing to leading film, television, live entertainment and commercial applications.

Now, the impressive performance of Megapixel’s power-efficient micro LED tech is available to integrators, changing modern living spaces on a level never seen before.

With world-class engineers and designers, Megapixel deliver unique breakthrough LED solutions, helping clients looking at the bigger picture bring their vision to life.

This is the team responsible for iconic and epic displays at such venues as Radio City Music Hall and MGM Cotai, as well as events like Coachella, the Oscars and the Super Bowl halftime shows, as well as visual effects for many big-league films.

All up, with Savant now offering smart entertainment solutions such as the Sony ES Home Cinema laser projector, it further reinforces their commitment to supporting integrators in the home entertainment sector.

They also now offer four predefined packages form Megapixel, ranging in size from 106″ to 212″, as well as customisable configurations.

Savant Integrators can also now reap benefits from access to three days of onsite support.

Savant Integrators can also benefit from access to installation services, such as up to three days of onsite support.

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