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Sony Has Another Crack At VR

Sony has hinted its next-generation PlayStation VR system will have ‘dramatic’ upgrades in performance and interactivity, including an improved field-of-view.

The Japanese tech giant first introduced the original PlayStation VR four years ago, offering a transformative new way to play games on the PS4.

Now the PlayStation 5 has been released, Sony is determined to upgrade its VR to work with the new console.

The VR 2 will come with a new controller inspired by the PlayStation 5’s DualSense gamepad and will run using a single-cord connection to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use.

The next-generation system will also enhance resolution, field-of-view, tracking and input.

But don’t get too excited – Sony has warned the PlayStation VR 2 won’t be launched this year as there is still a lot of work to do.

“There’s still a lot of development underway for our new VR system, so it won’t be launching in 2021. But we wanted to provide this early update to our fans, as the development community has started to work on creating new worlds for you to explore in virtual reality,” Sony shared in a blog.

“We also want to thank all of our PS VR players for your continued support — with upcoming games like After The Fall, Sniper Elite VR, and Humanity, there’s much more to come for PS VR whether you’re playing on PS4 or PS5. With both PlayStation VR and the next-generation VR system we’re building, our commitment to virtual reality as a medium for games is stronger than ever. We look forward to sharing more details in the future!”

The original PlayStation VR launched in 2016 alongside the PlayStation 4, and Sony said sales had topped five million units by January 2020.

The VR starter-pack is available in Australia for $419.95.

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