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Sony Announces Two New 3LCD Projectors

The home cinema experience is improving in leaps and bounds, and Sony have just thrown two new projectors into the high-end product mix.

The VPL-FHZ85 and VPL-FHZ80 are two new 4K-compatible, 3LCD laser projectors due for recent in January.

The VPL-FHZ85 (above) is the highest-end model, at 7,300 lumens while the VPL-FHZ80 (below) is certainly no slouch at 6,000 lumens.

Both will project crystal clear imagery, with screen sizes that range from 40 to 600 inches, in both horizontal and vertical.

The best feature is the most simple: every 100 hours it will automatically clean itself, removing dust so your picture doesn’t slowly disintegrate.

Sony’s Reality Creation makes images clear, with the Bright View function making sure that the room’s lighting doesn’t reduce the brightness of the picture, through its ‘Ambience’ feature.

The new projectors will be available in January, 2022.


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