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Sonos Shares Tank After Baby Sub Revealed

Sonos who recently rolled out a bottom end sound without a subwoofer has had a rethink with the US company now tipped to launch a mini sub to go with the mini sound that was also missing several key features such as HDMI Arc.

The new cheap Sonos sub mini will be able to wirelessly pair with the Sonos Ray, Beam, and Arc products.

A “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer,” which is unlike the current $1,099 the new Sonos mini sub has been labelled the S37, no pricing in Australia is available.

Recently Sonos moved to sell cheap bottom end speakers and soundbars, allowing them to capture consumer information.

The move allows them to offer consumers new products in the future which they want to sell directly via their own online store while also offering subscription deals on content.

According to the Verge the main thing that distinguishes the Sub Mini hardware is an elongated, pill-shaped vertical cut-out right in the middle of the device.

The cut-out is similar to their larger sub, there is also an acoustic port on both sides, so it would follow that the Sub Mini will have a similar internal layout — albeit with smaller, less powerful components.

During a February call with investors, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said, “In fiscal 2022, we are focused on launching new products in our existing product categories.” Like the Sonos Ray, the Sub Mini would meet those criteria and fit into the company’s home theatre line-up.

Sono’s stock is down over 4% today and over 35% during the past six months.

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