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Sonos Moves To Strip Sales From Retailers During Peak Buying Period

Sonos has cranked up their direct sell operation aimed at stripping business away from retailers with the roll out of a 30% discount certificate for existing customers.

Instead of directing existing customers to a local retailer who has suffered during the COVID-19 epidemic, Sonos wants consumers to buy direct from their own website.

The revamped loyalty program is set to hurt both audio specialists and mass retailers who sell Sonos products.

The US sound Company who last year tried to nobble existing older Sonos speakers in an effort to get consumers to upgrade to a new product via their own web site.

The only problem is that the 16bit Sonos speakers are today inferior to 24bit networked audio offerings from the likes of Amazon with their Echo range, Google, Bowers & Wilkins, Denon and 24bit Audio Pro speakers that don’t need a proprietary Sonos network.

In an effort to try and force consumers to upgrade Sonos devices, such as the Sonos Play:5 (1st Gen), have ceased to receive software updates and cannot use the latest Sonos S2 platform app.

This was seen as a marketing exercise to force a new sale, however several retailers in Australia are using the ploy to drive consumers into none Sonos speakers that deliver superior sound.

The move comes after Sonos has already offered a ‘Trade Up’ program to entice users to trade in and upgrade. According to sources this program failed to get the traction Sonos was expecting.

Under the new deal Sonos users are entitled to get one discount per eligible product.

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