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Sonos Faces New Competition As 24 Bit Bluesound Slashes Prices

As pressure mounts on Sonos who recently expand their direct selling operation, a move that is stripping business away from traditional sound resellers, arch rival Bluesound, who is delivering a superior networked, high res sound moved to slash the price of their product range which retailers are claim will lead to growth.

ChannelNews understands that one mass retailer who is currently selling Sonos systems is now looking to range Bluesound which in the past has only been sold via the specialist audio channel.

A division of Canadian Company Lenbrook Industries Bluesound is already gaining share in the audiophile market because it can deliver superior networked sound claim retailers selling the product.

According to Convoy International, the oldest distributor of consumer audio in Australia, the new price reductions on their networked Bluesound range will become effective from 20th March 2018.

Currently Sonos is not able to deliver the same level of high res sound quality as either Bluesound or Heos from Denon becasue they max out at 16bit CD quality not 24bit that most music is recorded at.

Geoff Matthews, CEO of Convoy said, “We have a superior sound offering than a great many of our competitors, this is why audiophiles and those that love high quality sound having chosen Bluesound as their preferred networked sound offering”.

Globally the Bluesound range has become an award-winning Bluesound product for multi-room, high-res audio systems. “Critics have raved about the product” said Mathews.

“The award-winning Pulse Soundbar and unique Bluesound Vault are just two examples” he said.

Bluesound is a premium smart music system with audiophile-grade wireless speakers and digital music players that allow owners to stream all your music wirelessly to every room in your home including those recorded in high-resolution.

This is something that Sonos is unable to deliver as their offering maxes out at CD quality.

The new pricing is as follows:

Model RRP
Bluesound Node 2 $899
Bluesound Powernode 2 $1,399
Bluesound Vault 2 $1,999
Bluesound Pulse Soundbar (black) $1,499
Bluesound Pulse Soundbar (white) $1,599
Bluesound Pulse Flex $599

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