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SOFIHUB Smart Home Tech Tailored For Seniors

Australian technology company SOFIHUB has released its new range of smart home products and services, including its hero device – the SOFIHUB Home, which is tailored for those aged 60 and over.

Using state-of-the-art technology, SOFIHUB Home gives individuals and their families a more intelligent way to live. It is a digital assistant designed to work alongside tracking personal alarm systems for seniors.

Affordability has been a key factor in developing SOFIHUB’s pricing model and customers have the option of either paying upfront, or if preferable, a monthly payment contract can be arranged. Prices range from as little as $33 a month on a 24 or 36-month contract.

The SOFIHUB Home comes with sensors, which are placed around the house, in order for the device to better understand the habits and movements of the home’s inhabitant. And then, if behaviours change, SOFIHUB Home asks if the person is okay. If there is no response, the inhabitant’s loved one or person of choice will be contacted by the device.

Some of SOFIHUB Home’s features include time-based personal reminders, including when to take necessary medication, day-to-day reminders, as well as the ability to read text messages aloud.

“With a larger percentage of the community 60+ opting to live at home for longer, we saw an opportunity to create technology that allowed them to be independent and enjoy the latest smart home technology,” said Peter Scala, SOFIHUB CEO.

“We are really excited about our technology as it’s going to completely change the way the users are able to function on a daily basis. After creating SOFIHUB Home technology with the 60+ demographic in mind, we realised there are other markets that can benefit from the beacon technology.”

The SOFIHUB ‘GPS devices’ are also diverse, with products including SOFIHUB Travel for explorers, Secure for children, and Beacon for the elderly.

All devices are lightweight, so they can be used in everyday situations, and are built with global positioning systems to instantly determine one’s location, and through the simple click of a button, users are able to call their contacts via the built-in speaker phone.


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