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Powermove Pump Up Philips Volume

Powermove Pump Up Philips Volume

Powermove plans to expand Philips headphones in Australia with a new line to be launched in 2014. 

“It is defiantly our plans to expand market share with Philips headphones,” Daniel Buckley, Philips Product Manager Powermove, told CN.  

“We will be launching an extended range of Philips headphones in the new year to compliment the existing range”.

Philips although it has a long history in the audio business, appears to lack the street cred given to trendy headphone brands like Beats, Monster and Sennheiser. 

Yesterday,  Powermove was unveiled as the new distributor for Philip headphones from 2014, after Queensland based Crest decide to ditch the range, amid a major overhaul.   
“Our plan is to show case what great products Philips has to offer it’s retail partners,” Buckley added. 

“Philips already has a strong presence in Australia and we think we can make in roads into making it even stronger moving forward. “

Powermove also has distribution rights for other Philips products including audio, home video products, and Hue lighting.