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Skipping The 6: Galaxy Note 7 On Its Way?

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, in fact, be the Galaxy Note 7?

According to Korean website ETnews, Samsung is set to skip over the “6” in naming its next Note flagship smartphone, instead opting for “7”, which will bring it into line with its other flagship series, the Galaxy S7, released earlier this year.

ETnews reports multiple telecommunications industry representatives as stating that Samsung will go with the Galaxy Note 7 title for its next Note smartphone.

By going with the Note 7, this would not only synchronise the naming of Samsung’s flagship devices, but also serve to reinforce that the Note will be sporting the latest in premium smartphone tech.

“When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone,” ETnews reported a high-ranking representative of the telecommunications industry as stating.

“It is known that Samsung Electronics has made the numbers same to unify a premium image.”

Should Samsung follow a similar timeline to last year, its upcoming Note device will be launched in August.

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