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Its Here: Acer BYO Cloud

Its Here: Acer BYO Cloud Acer has unveiled its new brand identity for its fledgling BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) strategy, as it transforms from hardware-only into a “hardware + software + services” company.  

Under Acer’s new leadership team, part of the giant’s makeover is embracing opportunities in the cloud technology era, after a period of tumult both internally and in markets. 
Acer is also planning a suite of software products to organise personal content, music, photos and files, it said this week. 
It will develop BYOC for both consumers and business, creating a cloud that lives on any branded device and can be used regardless of location.  
The PC maker is also planning to unleash a new range of tablets, convertibles, notebooks, and Chromebooks this year, specifically engineered to operate in the cloud. Consumers will be able to store all of their content in the cloud and share it between connected devices. 
BYOC is Acer’s vehicle to leap over current technology and introduce a new era of cloud computing.
In creating the new logo, it was inspired by the ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West, in which the character Sun WuKong travels on a cloud and uses it to cross thousands of miles in one leap.  
Chairman Stan Shih said, “Acer is continuing its decades-long tradition of challenging convention by completely redefining the meaning of the cloud for consumers and businesses; it is therefore highly appropriate that the new, powerful and distinctive visualisation of BYOC conveys this message.
“On May 29th, Acer will be opening its BYOC experience center in Taoyuan, Taiwan to showcase new BYOC solutions.
The company recently announced a 16% increase in profits for Q1 2014, after suffering three consecutive quarters of losses.