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Samsung’s QNED TV Moving Closer To Completion

Samsung Display has lodged a patent for its next-generation QNED display, suggesting that the company is moving closer to releasing its first-ever QNED TV.

UBI Research uncovered the patents, showing QNED display panels, which stack quantum dot (QD) and colour filter (the colour conversion layers), as well as the nano-rod LED, on top of the thin-film transistor (TFT).

“In a QNED pixel, multiple pixel electrodes are also connected serially,” UBI explains.

“Nanorod LEDs are positioned between these pixel electrodes. These pixel electrodes are also on the pixel walls made out of insulating materials. Each pixel is surrounded by banks to separate regions.”

“The reason Samsung Display is developing QNED as part of its large-size display business, is that it is the only display that can produce the image quality that Samsung Display’s biggest customer, Samsung Electronics, can satisfy,” UBI Research said.

The patents also suggest Samsung Display is “wrapping up” the development phase of QNED, meaning that production is surely coming soon.

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