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Samsung’s New MicroSD Can Record Continuously For 16 Years

Samsung has announced its Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card, that according to the Korean Tech company, is capable of recording non-stop for 16 years.

Samsung designed the PRO Endurance to keep up with the rapidly developing market of security cameras and smart home security as more and more people invest in the technology for installation in their own homes. Samsung says that the microSD offers “improved endurance and outstanding performance for smooth and reliable continuous capture and playback.”

The endurance and longevity come as a result of Samsung’s NAND flash memory, which the company claim make the PRO Endurance capable of recording for 140,160 hours, or 16 years non-stop.

It boasts read speeds of 100Mb per second and write speeds of 40Mb per second. It is also graded with video speeds up to U3 and V30, making it perfect for large, high-resolution recordings and playback.

The Samsung PRO Endurance is offered in sizes of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB with MSRP starting at $10.99 USD ($15.18 AUD) and capping out at $54.99 USD ($75.92 AUD). The PRO endurance was released on May 3rd and is now available for purchase.

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