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Samsung’s New Chip Mimics The Human Brain

Samsung Electronics and Harvard have unveiled a way of replicating the mechanisms of the human brain on a memory chip.

Samsung engineers teamed with Harvard researchers for the experiment, which has been outlined in a paper published in Nature Electronics on Sunday.

“The essence of the vision put forward by the authors is best summed up by the two words, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’,” Samsung explains of the research.

The paper suggests a way to “copy the brain’s neuronal connection map using a breakthrough nanoelectrode array” which will be pasted “onto a high-density three-dimensional network of solid-state memories, the technology for which Samsung has been a world leader.”

Image of rat neurons on CNEA (CMOS nanoelectrode array).


The memory chip will approximate the “unique computing traits of the brain”, which are listed as: low power, facile learning, adaptation to environment, and even autonomy and cognition.

The paper explains this is “brain reverse engineering” which was the original goal of neuromorphic engineering in the 1980s, which was then unachievable by technology.

“Thus, the goal of neuromorphic engineering has been eased to designing a chip ‘inspired’ by the brain rather than rigorously mimicking it.

“This paper suggests a way to return to the original neuromorphic goal of the brain reverse engineering,” Samsung explains.

“The vision we present is highly ambitious,” said Dr. Donhee Ham, Fellow of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Professor of Harvard University.

“But working toward such a heroic goal will push the boundaries of machine intelligence, neuroscience, and semiconductor technology.”


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