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Samsung Tipped To Ditch LCD Entirely For OLED In 2022

The world’s largest TV manufacturer Samsung is tipped to be making the permanent move to OLED screens as soon as 2022.

According to a report in Korea IT News, the South Korean tech giant is planning on ditching LCD altogether and will be switching to OLED, or varieties of OLED, at some point next year.

Samsung Display is set to invest 13.1 trillion won ($A15.5 billion) by 2025 in order to develop a new mass production line for QD-OLED 65-inch TVs and larger.

The move will also see LCD production shut down at Samsung Display completely, the report states.

Production of LCD was due to be suspended indefinitely in 2020, however Samsung’s ‘oversupply of LCDs turned into short supply’ as TV demand surged during COVID-19.

It comes after years of speculation Samsung is developing a QD-OLED ‘hybrid screen’, using an OLED TV panel and quantum dot technology.

Samsung’s 2021 range of 4K and 8K smart TVs are also due to be released internationally mid-March, with an Australian rollout expected to follow after.

The most expensive TV is the Samsung QN900 8K QLED, which will be priced at $4999 (AU$6500).

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