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Samsung Takes On Sony For In-Car Image Sensor Market

Samsung is hoping to take a considerable bit out of Sony’s dominance in the image sensor market for automobiles, launching the new Isocell Auto 4AC, which will control camera monitoring, autonomous driving and various other technologies.

A “global car brand” has already signed up to house the technology, which will be rolled out this year.

“Starting with the Isocell Auto 4AC, we plan to expand our automotive sensor lineup to areas such as camera monitor systems, autonomous driving and in-cabin monitoring,” said Chang Duck-hyun, the executive vice president of Samsung’s sensor business.

The Isocell Auto 4AC is a sensor for viewing cameras in cars. It has 1.2 million pixels in a 1/3.7-inch optical format. The chipset includes Samsung’s CornerPixel technology, which enhances driver safety, by mitigating LED lights over 90 Hz, which will aid “quick transition from a low-lit environment to a brighter one, such as exiting a tunnel.”

Sony currently controls 45 per cent of the global market.

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