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Samsung Shrugs Off The iPhone X , Tells Users To “Grow Up”

Just days after the launch of the iPhone X, Korean-based Samsung has released a commercial, displaying Apple’s latest flagship phone as a non-contender, compared to its own suite of smartphones.

The commercial ends with a former Apple loyalist shrugging past iPhone X customers, as they queue up for the new phone.

Since the commercial’s release on November 5th, the video has already racked up just over 4 million views on Youtube.

Watch the full commercial called “Growing Up” below:

The commercial endeavours to illustrate the disparity between an Apple loyalist’s experience with his smartphone, compared to his girlfriend who uses a Samsung product.

In the advertisement, the girlfriend is seen to be using her Galaxy smartphone in situations where it proves to be more useful than her boyfriend’s Apple device.

For instance – her Galaxy S5 is safe when dropped in a pond, whilst the Apple fan prays that a bowl of rice can offer a remedy. The use of a dongle with Apple phones is also displayed.

The commercial ends with the Apple fan gifting himself a new Galaxy Note 8, after being fed up with problems associated with his former smartphone.

Samsung’s latest advertisement is clearly aimed at taking market share away from Apple, by targeting its most loyal fans.

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