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Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumoured Dedicated NPU

Rumours are circulating that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 may pack the single-chip system, Exynos 9820, which could contain a powerful 2nd-Generation NPU.

Samsung has been relatively behind in this area, compared with Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 980 and Apple’s A12 Bionic chip which already boast of powerful NPUs, however, these latest links indicate that they will be playing catch up with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

According to a leaked LinkedIn profile of a former Samsung employee, Samsung began developing a second-generation NPU in December 2017. Considering work begun almost a year ago, and no updated chipset has hit the market, the new design will presumably be ready in time for the arrival of the Galaxy S10.

Logically, it appears that if a second generation NPU is in the works that the original developed version was not to the standard which Samsung desired.

Additionally, there were no powerful NPUs in any of the latest Samsung smartphones or in the Samsung Exynos processor.

This lends further credence to the assumption that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be the ideal candidate to showcase the 2nd-gen NPU as part of the upcoming Exynos 9820 chip.

Samsung is now under a lot of pressure to deliver a reliable and powerful NPU to match its competitors.

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