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Samsung & LG Battle It Out Over Large Screen Micro LED TVs

Samsung Electronics used IFA 2018 to show off new micro LED technology which several experts have said is the future for large screen 8K TV technology.

Also, in the race to develop this technology is LG however their approach to market due in part to their investment in OLED is different than that being developed by Samsung.

Samsung, which recaptured the top end of the premium TV market in the second quarter of 2018, unveiled a 75-inch micro LED TV at IFA 2018.

The 75-inch micro LED TVs built using display panel made up of 30- by 50-micron micro LED chips, are expected to be available in 2019, aiming to compete with OLED TVs in the large-size TV sector, where LG is currently a dominant player claims DigiTimes.

Led by LG, a total of 15 TV makers, including Sony and Panasonic in Australia, are expected to ship over 2.5 million OLED TVs in 2018.

Samsung believes that future display technology will be based on micro LED TVs due in part to burn out issues that are occurring with OLED panels (See separate story here).

In response to Samsung’s aggressive move, LG recently unveiled a 175-inch micro LED TV in an effort to demonstrate their capability in the development of micro LED products.

At this stage LG is developing ultra-large display applications for commercial use including airports and shopping centres.

In addition to signing a contract with China-based Sanan Optoelectronics for the supply of micro LED chips, Samsung has also secured the supply of 30- by 50-micron micro LED chips from Taiwan-based PlayNitide, the sources added.