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Samsung Launches ‘Shoe Refresher’ Appliance

Samsung is looking to flashy lifestyle appliances to lift its bottom line throughout the pandemic, launching its Bespoke ShoeDresser, a “footwear care appliance” that deodorises, dehumidifies, and dries up to three pairs of shoes at a time.

The appliance retails for AUD$1,150, and comes in comes in cotta white, cotta charcoal, glam greenery and glam sun yellow colour options – although it’s extremely doubtful we’ll ever get the ShoeDresser in Australia.

Samsung has, however, said it is considering launching the ShoeDresser internationally.

The product is a spin-off from Samsung’s AirDresser smart closet, and uses UV lamps, and ‘heat pump’ technology. Like the AirDresser, it can be controlled via a smartphone app.

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