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Samsung Sues Rival Oura Ahead Of Galaxy Ring Launch

Samsung has sued Oura in order to prevent being sued itself as the launch of its upcoming Galaxy Ring approaches.

This has been done in an attempt to head off intellectual property disputes. The lawsuit filed states Oura has used its patent portfolio to sue other smaller companies, and that the company hinted it could do the same against Samsung.

The lawsuit reads, “Oura’s actions and public statements demonstrate that Oura will continue asserting patent infringement against other entrants into the U.S. smart ring market, including Samsung. Oura’s immediate response to the announcement of the Galaxy Ring was to point to the purported strength of its intellectual property portfolio.”

The suit claims the Galaxy Ring does not infringe on Oura’s patents, but while justifying the suit, it relays a pattern of what is being referred to as aggressive IP protection.

It also lists other cases where Oura has sued competitors, such as Ultrahuman, Circular and RingConn “as soon as, or even before, they entered the U.S. market.”

The legal document reveals Oura embarked on a media tour immediately after Samsung’s Galaxy Ring was announced.

It calls out patent-related quotes where the CEO of Oura, Tom Hale, hinted at possibly using its IP portfolio against Samsung.

The legal filing by Samsung claims many of Oura’s patent disputes have been regarding features that are common to the category of smart rings, such as sensors, a battery, scores weighing health metrics, and electronics.

This is a common theme, previously used in courtroom battles where Samsung accused Apple of holding bogus patents that used obvious technologies or methods shared by all in the industry.

This new lawsuit against Oura was filed in California. Oura is based in Finland, however, has a US wing of operations.

It also revealed extra details surrounding the Galaxy Ring, stating the design was finalised in “mid-May 2024” and that the company is planning mass production for mid-June.

Additionally, it reveals the Galaxy Ring is scheduled to arrive in the US “in or around August of this year.”

It remains unclear when the Galaxy Ring will make its way to Australia.

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