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Sennheiser Dishes Out Sub-$150 HD 400 Upgrades

The HD 419, 429, 439 and 449 are all closed-back headphones suited to travelling listeners with their sound-isolating builds. They each focus on a different dynamic to suit the bass-happy through to the clarity-driven music aficionados.

The HD 419 is being spruiked as the bass performer out of the bunch, made for the on-the-go user. It sports a matte-black finish on a large ear cup build made for comfort and sound isolation.

Sennheiser HD 419

It isn’t the strongest performer in the new line-up, sitting at an average frequency response of 20 -20000 Hz. The cheapest in the range, it sits at $89.95.

Up a notch is the HD 429 with is greater range and 3m cable. This middle-ground player is suited for both sides of the listening fence, with a long cable and additional 6.3mm adaptor for in-home listeners.

Sennheiser HD 429

The HD 429 comes in at just under $100.

With the look of an open-back headset and the build of a closed-back, the HD 439s blend style and function with an upped frequency response and sound pressure level that also pushes the price up a small notch.

Sennheiser HD 439

This dynamic headset comes with a 1.4m cable and an additional 3m detachable cable and quarter inch jack for Hi-Fi sets. It sits at $119.95.

The HD 449s focus on clarity and sound isolation for the more particular listener. Home Hi-Fi listeners can enjoy the sound too with the added 6.3mm adapter and 1.6m extension cable.

Sennheiser HD 449

They hold a frequency response of 16 – 24,000 Hz to pick up the finer details on high quality tracks, well suited for in-home listeners on a budget or just looking to seclude their Hi-Fi sound. The most expensive of the group, the HD 449s sit at $139.95.