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Sharp Dips Toes Into Laundry

Sharp Dips Toes Into LaundryIt is the first time Sharp, who do other appliances like fridges and microwaves has dipped it’s toes into the laundry market in Oz. 

No word yet if it is planning to release other top/front loaders this year.  

Announced today, Sharp Australia’s first washing machine, the 8kg front loader ESV80HA is available at an attractive price, considering rivals brands 8kg’s are RRP’ing at around the $800 mark.  

The 8kg front loader, a super rapid wash good if you need clean clothes fast, and its TwinJet system washes a larger amount of clothes in a shorter time – using less energy and water.

The Sharp washer has 14 flexible washing programs including a delay timer (delay from 30 mins – 23 hours), pre-wash, easy ironing function for a less wrinkled finish and a variable spin speed option up to 1400 rpm. 
The 8kg machine also has environmentally friendly functions like eco-logic half-load detection system that detects when half a load or less is being washed, and complete certain programs in a shorter time
The Sharp ESV80HA, ((H) 845 x (W) 597 x (D) 587 mm), RRP $759.00, is now available at Masters Home Improvements and other retailers.  
For further information and full specifications visit www.sharp.net.au or call 1300 135 530.