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Roku Takes On Amazon With Cheap 4K Streaming Sticks

Roku has taken on the likes of Google and Amazon, by launching its new range of 4K Ultra-HD streaming sticks, at a considerably lower price.

The Roku Premiere is currently its most affordable 4K streaming device, and at US$40 is cheaper than Amazon and Google’s variants for around US$70.

Whilst the ‘Premiere’, ‘Premiere+’ and ‘Ultra’ are existing models of Roku’s stable, the streaming sticks feature significant upgrades, coupled with a notable price cut.

The news comes as 4K content continues to grow (e.g. from Netflix), with streaming sticks an affordable option for users to gain access.

Unfortunately, Roku’s voice control functionality does not automatically link to Amazon or Google’s smart home ecosystem like rival streaming devices – however, the company claims Google Assistant support will deploy soon.

All three streaming sticks claim to offer access to over 500,000 global movies and TV shows.

Whilst Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, the streaming sticks are currently available to pre-order internationally, with shipping in October.

Specifications below, with further information on Roku’s website here.

Roku Premiere (US$40):

  • 1080p, 4K, and HDR streaming
  • up to 60 frames per second
  • standard infrared remote, with no voice control

Roku Ultra (US$100):

  • free pair of JBL headphones
  • can plug headphones into Ultra’s remote
  • ‘Lost remote finder’ functionality
  • 1080p and 4K streaming
  • micro SD card/USB slot for added storage
  • “night listening” mode
  • Can connect Ultra to the internet via ethernet port, should Wi-Fi be subpar

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