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Robots, AI, Bar-Coding: Sydney’s Eastern Creek Beckons Amazon

Commercial property developer Goodman Group – widely believed to be in line for a deal with Amazon that will see the US giant lease a site at Goodman’s Eastern Creek, Sydney, estate – pictured –for its biggest Down Under fulfilment centre – has revealed plans to develop highly automated logistics centres where artificial intelligence or robots will boost efficiency.

While declining to comment on speculation about the Amazon connection, Goodman CEO Greg Goodman said: “We’re now looking to the future. We are seeing and we are planning for rapid technology and behavioural changes for both business and consumers as the use of automation and artificial intelligence increases,”

He added: “AI (artifiical intelligence) in warehouses is accelerating, with not just robotics but data collection, where trucks can be sent out at the right traffic times; bar-coding to ensure the customer can track the parcels; and a more efficient layout internally…

“This is a trend we expect to accelerate over the next five to 10 years.”

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