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REVIEW Motorola Edge 50 Pro Is Seriously Good For Sub $1K.

I have been using the Motorola Edge 50 Pro for several weeks, and the only conclusion you can draw taking into account the $999 price tag is that Motorola have finally broken into the affordable premium smartphone market if not the top end premium market, with a truly good phone.

Apart from a great camera that takes seriously good pictures whether it be portraits, landscape or a magic party or night shots, this device also feels really good in the hand partially because it only weighs 186 grams.

It also charges seriously fast due to its 125W TurboPower charging capability and is most probably the fastest charging smartphone out there.

It also has 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless power sharing as an added benefit.

Waterproof, the device has a rubbery feel to it which I prefer over a shiny smooth surface, with the finish resistant to finger smudges, the slim aluminium frame is also very sturdy.

Also impressive for the price is the display which most brands cut back on at this price point.

The Moto Edge 50 Plus has a 6.7-inch OLED curved display screen which is bright with the 2,712 x 1,220-pixel resolution, and the 144-Hz refresh rate delivering a display that’s seriously up there with more expensive smartphones.

Capable of delivering a peak brightness of 2,000 nits when displaying HDR highlights the device is ideal when you want to watch a football game when travelling.

When Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google their products bumped along the bottom end of the market, then there was a change of management, new models were introduced with the new design team delivering a seriously good challenger brand that has already fallen into the #3 spot in the Australian market.

And if they ever launch the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra or even another top end model both Apple and Samsung will see market share lost to the Lenovo owned brand.

The real standout which commercial photographer Stuart Spence praises, is the triple camera rig that allows users to shoot images in low light, while also being able test your creative capabilities with filters that allow you to deliver incredible motion shots with light from cars turned into creative art.

Unique to Motorola smartphones is that the colours that AI adjust is validated for its accuracy, by the use of Pantone colour algorithms that delivers more accurate colour such as skin tones when viewing on the OLED display.

For the tech heads out there the Pantone validation engine delivers an sRGB gamut coverage of 99.5% and an average Delta E of 0.64 and that’s pretty good.

The Motorola triple-camera system houses a main 50-megapixel camera, and a 10-megapixel telephoto lens capable of 3X optical zoom.

The 13-megapixel ultrawide with a macro mode for close-ups delivers as these images of bamboo reveal.

The large Samsung sensor (1/1.55-inch) and wide aperture (f/1.4) does a great job of doing what it’s designed for especially when it comes to low light shots.

When it comes to apps and app management Motorola has a lot of work to do especially if you are switching devices to the new Motorola smartphone.

I like folders such as Tools, Business, Entertainment and Travel etc.

Once I have created a folder, I then want to add the apps I need for each folder.

with a Samsung device I simply go to add, highlight the apps and they are added to my folder, with Motorola devices you have to manually add apps and it’s a real pain.

Then there is the issue of removing apps with a Samsung device you simply put your finger on the app and three options appear, select, remove, or uninstall.

With a Motorola app you only get App information, or Pause App, you then have to go open app information to uninstall the app which is another unnecessary process.

Despite this device only having the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 processor I had no problems with speed or processing functions.

This was probably because the device comes with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage which delivers everything you need in a device whether you are playing games, pushing large images around or streaming content.

What’s really impressive is the 4,500-mAh battery life.

I am on a device all day and even on a heavy usage day when I have been accessing video’s this device delivered.

Of an evening or on the mornings when I realised that I had forgotten to charge my device the night before the 125-watt charger kicked in and even when my device had only 9% charge left, I was able to fully charge in 22 minutes.

Another handy feature is that all you have to do to shoot an image, is twist the device to activate the camera.

What I also liked was the easy connection capability with my Windows based PC, this capability allowed me to quickly transfer files.

All I had to do was download the Smart Connect software to my Windows PC and follow the instructions.

As for sound Motorola has been able to take advantage of their relationship with Bose to deliver a new pair of moto buds+ with Sound by Bose.

This new offering is compatible with Dolby Head Tracking and when paired with the new Motorola offering you get a more rounded sound experience with natural and multidimensional sound that is recalibrated to the environment and when users move their head.

This is the device that is going to cause pain for the likes of Samsung with their mid-range phones, Google across their entire Pixel range, Oppo who are already struggling and HMD.
The Motorola Edge 50 Pro is a serious tick the boxes device, camera, battery life, display and value all add to a reason to buy this device.

Software management needs improving but despite this irritating issue, this device is up there with most of the other mid-range devices.

It looks and feels like a quality device while housing a brilliant, display for the price.

It also has a seriously impressive charging capability and as well-known commercial photographer Stuart Spence found out this device delivers when it comes to its camera rig.

This may be a personal choice, but it does not curved displays but despite this the Motorola Edge 50 Pro has a seriously good display screen which coupled with the Pantone software really delivers.


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