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REVIEW: Intel i7MSI Prestige 14 Evo, A Solid Business Machine With Awesome Power

MSI is a brand that one normally associates with high end gaming notebooks and their new Prestige 14 Evo, which is specifically designed for business users in particular content creators, reveals that this Taiwanese notebook maker knows a lot about quality engineering and the packing of cutting-edge technology into small spaces.

This device is no slouch despite its size and form factor, in fact the most irritating aspect of this device is having to put up with Microsoft’s Cortana voice recognition when one’s setting up the device.

Not only does Microsoft treat users like idiots with statements such as “Don’t turn off your PC” 9 times during set up they then try to ram their Microsoft Edge browser on users to the point that it becomes intrusive and irritating.

If I was MSI I would preload Google Chrome as an alternative as more creative users use the Google browser offering.

COVID has thrown up some interesting needs one of them being the creation of content at home including, HTML banners, video editing or the creation of take away menus by food outlets with much of this creative work now being done on notebooks such as the Prestige EVO 14 which comes with Intel Iris Graphics.

This space is crowded with notebook offerings however one thing stands out with this is $1,600 machine and that is the feel and rigidity of the notebook, especially as this is a device that could well be in and out of bags or used between home and normal work office.

For me quality is essential over features such as a removable screen which several ultraportable machines have as part of their offering.

One thing missing from this notebook is a touch screen however it is lightweight and comes with a fold-under hinge, a fingerprint sensor in the top-left corner of the touchpad, which is very responsive, I personally still like to attach a Bluetooth mouse as it delivers a means to navigate smoothly.

My model is “carbon grey,” and the keyboard that is also backlight is highly functional, especially for someone like me who often bangs out 3,000 words a day across various stories or reviews.

The keys are not only responsive they well laid out.

As for real standout features nothing beats a really good engine and the MSI Prestige 14 Evo is one of the few 14-inch lightweight notebooks that comes with Intel’s Core EVO i7-1185G7, which is one of the most powerful chips for ultraportable.

Whether I was running a spreadsheet or opening creative files from our server this notebook performed.

The screen is bright despite it only being a 1920 x 1080 display with 16:9 aspect ratio. I was able to see layouts clearly though it does restrict the amount of content one is able to load onto a screen.

But remember you are only paying $1,600 and if you want a better display screen it’s going to cost you around $500 extra.

The Evo includes two USB-C ports on the left as well as a USB-A, a microSD, and a headphone jack on the right, what I recommend is that you pick up an Alogic or Belkin dock that allows you to attach additional USB C devices as well as HDMI which is ideal when using this device with a monitor.

I am left-handed and the fingerprint sensor is located on the left top side of the touchpad which could be problem for a right-handed user.

As for audio I rarely use the built-in audio of a notebook, I prefer to use Bluetooth headphones or a pair of buds, for this review I used a pair of the Aftershokz this eliminates the need for me to plug anything into my ears with the audio conducted via bone conduction.

The entry level Prestige 14 includes a Core i5-1135G7, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage, the model I reviewed has the Intel Core i7-1185G7.
Both processors come with Intel’s Iris Xe integrated graphics.

The Prestige 14 Evo is a highly functional notebook, that’s weighted well for business use. For example, the display hinges off the back of the keyboard area raising the base of the notebook slightly, this makes typing a lot more comfortable that a keyboard that sits flat to a desk.

PRO: This is a highly acceptable business notebook that delivers when it comes to tasks such as page layout, and video editing due to the fact that it has an awesome processor.
It’s a bit like some of those Fast and Furious cars that look normal on the outside but under the bonnet is an engine that counts and can deliver when needed. At $1,6oo this is a good workhorse that is well built and solid which for me is important as I can be hard on notebooks.
CON: I would have liked a better display, one that delivers more content to the screen, the combination of Intel processor horsepower and a 4K screen would make this machine a great offering.

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MSI believes both businessman and ALESSI are symbols of personal taste.

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RATING: 9/10