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REVIEW: EFM Galaxy S10+ Case & Screen Armour – Slim & Secure

Aussie tech accessories manufacturer, EFM, has fused sleek aesthetics with military grade protection for its new Aspen Samsung Galaxy S10+ case (A$49.95) – a clear armour for this pricey flagship handset.

Users can bump up security with EFM’s plastic Impact Flex screen armour, which pledges better protection than tempered glass.

EFM Aspen Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case Armour

Trialling the Aspen case daily for over two months, I can assert protection is not something I had to worry about, at all.

Having used several EFM phone cases in the past, simply put, their reputation for ‘worry-free’ protective cases exists for a reason.

The Aspen case incorporates D30 Crystalex, which claims to be the world’s most protective transparent material.

The case offers an impact rating of 12, and exceeds military drop tests by 5 times (i.e. 500%).

In Australia, EFM has fused a partnership with the UK-based developer of D30, to use the material exclusively across a variety of its products.

Such items, including the Aspen case, feature patented injection moulded D30 which pledges high-impact protection in an ‘ultra slim case design.’

It’s a big claim to inform users the material keeping their phone safe is also trusted by soldiers, however, EFM asserts it’s true – not hard to imagine when you actually interact with this case.

Whilst EFM claim the Aspen offers an ultra-slim design, I’ll assert it’s definitely not the slimmest out there.

That being said, it’s certainly not the thickest I’ve ever used.

It is, however, by far the slimmest high-protection phone case I’ve encountered, and the overall design is not dissimilar in thickness to generic fashion cases found from the likes of JB Hi-Fi.

Users who crave high protection will likely not be alarmed at the thickness of the Aspen case, instead be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, EFM’s mantra of “tough but slim construction” is a perfectly surmised.

I really like the Aspen Case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, however, there are some cons.

I appreciate the [ultra] heavy-duty material. It’s been intelligently crafted to offer protection with minimal bulk.

I enjoy the case’s simplistic sleek design. It’s not too hard to handle in my petite hands, and does the job a phone case should – massive protection, minimal annoyance.

The clear back allows the coloured hues of Samsung’s S10+ to freely poke through – e.g. potentially showcasing the new Prism Blue.

I appreciate the case’s ‘stadium screen edge protection’, which shields your smartphone even when dropped flat.

It’s an important factor, as the Galaxy S10+ debuts Samsung’s first in-display fingerprint sensor – i.e. likely very pricey screen repairs.

While using this case I have dropped my phone face-down a few times, and its thankfully emerged scot free.

I love that the side buttons are fastened tightly within the case, but not too tight.

Whilst side buttons are totally covered (good!), it’s a similar experience to clicking the buttons as though uncovered.

Minimal restriction which is usually a pet peeve of mine for cases like this.

EFM claims the Aspen case also offers anti-UV resistance, non-tinting and dye transfer resistance properties, however my clear case is certainly no longer clear.

The sides of the case encompass a slightly ‘spongey’ transparent material, contrasting the case’s hard back.

I do appreciate that the sides are not super hard, increasing comfort when holding, and less likely to drop.

Whilst the back of the case (presumedly the D30 material) has remained in pristine condition, the sides of the case have a classic brown tinge, commonly found with transparent cases over time.

The Aspen case pledges 200% greater UV resistance than conventional TPU materials, and whilst that may be true, it appears it’s not immune to the traditional brown-yellow tinge on the sides.

EFM Impact Flex Screen Protector (Samsung Galaxy S10+)

For many consumers, a tempered glass screen protector is a necessary annoyance – protection with often notably reduced touch sensitivity.

Because the Galaxy S10+ debuts Samsung’s first in-display fingerprint reader, most glass screen protectors are not a feasible option.

The EFM Impact Flex Screen Armour is a thin transparent plastic covering, which features a cut-out for the device’s double lens front ‘selfie’ camera.

Within the box are several accessories to make home application easier, which to be honest does significantly help. That being said, I didn’t get a flawless result.

The protector fits the Galaxy S10+ perfectly, and despite being plastic is significantly thicker than other plastic screen protectors I’ve tried.

EFM asserts it harnesses “industry-leading” anti-shattering materials, to offer the “toughest phone protection out there.”

With five layers of Impact Flex tech and anti-shock TPU layer, EFM affirms the protector offers more durable protection than glass.

(When I eventually pulled it off to dispose, I could not tear it with my hands. It certainly is very thick, and well-built versus other thin plastic protectors).

As mentioned, I did drop my phone face down a few times in the last two months, and in conjunction with the Aspen phone case my phone was left unharmed.

The protector is definitely more enjoyable to use than tempered glass protectors – way better touch sensitivity – and does not impair screen resolution like they do.

Image and clarity is overall largely unaffected.

That being said, the screen protector does not work super seamlessly with the Galaxy S10 Plus’ in-display fingerprint sensor.

I’d warn it could be a reflection of the phone’s tech than the protector, as I find the device’s in-display fingerprint reader notably less responsive than Huawei’s P20 Pro to start with.

Facial unlock is also unaffected by the protector, which for me is a more preferable security alternative.

As far as screen protectors go, this is undoubtedly going to give rivals a run for their money. It offers great protection, and of most importance does not impair display quality.

After well over two months of daily use, the protector is still not flicking or peeling up.


EFM claims the Aspen Crystal Clear Case Armour is one of the “slimmest, clearest and toughest cases on the market.”

Whilst protection and slimness are claims I’d not dispute, I will say it’s not totally immune to the classic brown tinge that plagues other transparent cases over time.

That being said, ultra-protection and its highly intelligent slim design do warrant this case a pleasure to use.

It may not be the most stylish, but it does offer amazing worry-free security, whilst forgoing the bulk found in other high-protection cases.

The EFM Impact Flex screen protector is no doubt a powerhouse product, that claims to trump tempered glass, with increased touch sensitivity.

Whilst the Galaxy S10 Plus’ in-display fingerprint reader does not work seamlessly with the protector, it doesn’t notably impair display quality which for me is more important.

Easily available at most JB H-Fi stores, the EFM Aspen Case and Impact Flex screen protector are hard to beat for worry-free protection, in a comparatively super-slim design.

RATING: 9/10

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