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Retailers Sounded Out For New Cheap HTC Mobile Announcement Next Week

HTC is making a comeback in the smartphone market, with at least two distributors keen to pick up the brand which at one stage was the #1 Android device in the Australian market.

The Taiwanese business that went from boom to bust in the smartphone market due in part to poor management at an International level is back building devices and overnight HTC Taiwan posted a teaser on Facebook featuring a tease image clearly showing a side profile of a phone with a June 12, 2024, release date.

Back in April the still-unannounced HTC U24 Pro was spotted in the Google Play Console, with insiders tipping it as the new HTC device that the Company will release next week.

The specs sound similar to other Motorola and HTC devices currently being sold in Australia.

The U24 Pro only has a 1080×2436 resolution for its screen, and the Android 14 OS.

It’s powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC, and has 12GB of RAM, will also support Bluetooth 5.3.

Things were so bad for HTC back in 2011 that the Company pulled all their smartphones from the market worldwide.

According to sources two distributors have approached retailers and carriers to sound out whether they have an appetite for a new model smartphone following the recent introduction of HMD devices and a new Nothing smartphone.

It remains to be seen if the HTC U24 Pro will see the revival of the HTC brand in Australia.

Some observers claim that it’s hard to see how HTC can rebuild its market without competing in China or the U.S. It’s also not a phone that’s on par with flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or the Motorola Edge 50 Pro.

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