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Meta Quest Pro VR Range Is Dead

There are reports suggesting Meta has dropped the ball with the Meta Quest Pro, and cancelled development for the Meta Quest Pro 2.

Sources claim the current generation will only continue being built until component supplies run out. Supposedly, the decision was made to inform suppliers to halt production of those parts beginning this year, with the headset going on sale last October.

The second generation device has also been reportedly scrapped, with Meta focusing exclusively on affordable virtual and AR experiences.

The scrapping would suggest the device hasn’t been widely accepted within the consumer market.

Reviews have suggested a lack of AR apps, lack of comfort during long wear duration, and limited battery life.

Currently Meta are preparing the launch of the third version Quest headset following huge sales from the second version.

The Meta Quest 3 was announced in June, for a higher price and is expected to include a slimmer design, a processor that’s twice as fast, new Touch Plus controllers, and higher resolution displays, expected to go on sale soon.

It is also expected to have colour AR when it lands, showcasing a lesser need to splurge on the Pro range.

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