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Tap ‘N Pay: Samsung S4 – The M-Wallet

Tap CBA customers that own a Samsung Galaxy S4 can now Tap & Pay to make payments at PayPass (contactless) terminals in OZ and worldwide.

Commonwealth Bank is the first bank globally to offer MasterCard PayPass payments capabilities on the S4 via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. 
More than 30% of MasterCard transactions are made using contactless technology.  
The next-generation shopping experience, announced today, means smartphones are now turning into mobile wallets, replacing credit cards and cash, by using the CommBank app on a Samsung mobile. 

There are 220,000 PayPass contactless terminals in OZ and 1.6 million merchant locations worldwide, where you just tap your S4 to pay. 

There is no word if ‘Tap & Pay’ will be rolled out to other Samsung phones, yet. The NFC technology compatible with Galaxy S4 (i9505 and i9507) models, for now. 
Galaxy S4 (i9506) owners will need to update their phone software, expected to be available early 2014.
“The future of mobile payments has become a reality today,” said Matt Barr, Head of Market Development and Innovation, MasterCard Australasia. 
“Alongside CommBank and Samsung, we have built a world first offering that places the power of mobile payment technology in the hands of Australians. 
“We’re very proud to collaborate with leading financial services innovators likeMasterCard and CommBank to deliver Tap & Pay mobile payments for Samsung mobile customers in this country,” said Jenny Goodridge, Head of Content and Services, Samsung Australia.
It is also worth noting all CommBank app transactions are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee