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Retailers Set To Benefit From Demand For Accessories Says New Report

Retailers Set To Benefit From Demand For Accessories Says New Report

According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) who run the CES Expo sales of new tablets and smartphones are set to drive sales of accessories in particular wireless audio devices, headphones and covers. 

Late last year Harvey Norman called a tender for Companies to supply house brand cables and accessories. 

The report, “CE Accessories at Retail,” projects an increase in sales with a recent research study revealing that 59 percent of online consumers surveyed purchased CE accessories in the last year. 
The most popular items purchased by online consumers were ear buds (42 percent), wireless phone chargers (41 percent), wireless phone cases (32 percent) and wireless mice (30 percent). 

These items, along with extra memory cards for digital imaging devices and over-the-ear headphones, are consumers’ most commonly planned accessory purchases in 2014 with brands such as Logitech, Belkin and Sandisk set to benefit from the projected growth.

The CEA research also gauged consumers’ buying behaviour, reporting that the majority of online consumers surveyed (66 percent) said physical stores are the main channel they use to shop for, their accessories, citing convenience as their primary motivation. Those consumers who choose to buy accessories online said this option offers the best prices, convenience and enables easier browsing and comparison shopping, the CEA study showed.

Only a small percentage of consumers, however, use mobile devices to shop for accessories (7 percent) or actually buy items (2 percent).

Consumers surveyed said quality is the most important factor when choosing CE accessories, while need and brand name also influence their decisions. Among the other findings:

Seventy-seven percent of online consumers said they plan ahead for their accessory purchases, rather than make impulse buys (23 percent).

Consumers who do make unplanned purchases said store displays (27 percent) have the biggest influence on their buying behaviour.

Fifty percent of consumers buy an accessory at the same time they purchase the CE device for which it is intended.

Accessories with the highest attachment rates include those for video game devices (72 percent), wireless phones (66 percent) and computing devices (61 percent).

While purchase motivation varies by the type of CE device with which an accessory will be used, the most common reason is to replace a broken accessory (26 percent).

About half of consumers (48 percent) are interested in personalizing their accessories through color (67 percent) and design options (62 percent).  

Additionally, about half of consumers are interested in saving money by purchasing either packages containing all accessories (52 percent) for a particular device or some other type of bundled package (42 percent). Just 19 percent, however, prefer to purchase accessories individually

The complete report is available at no cost to CEA member companies at Members.CE.org, while non-members may purchase the report at Store.CE.org.