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Iconic audio-video brand Monster Cable to launch a 24K headphone at CES 2014

Iconic audio-video brand Monster Cable to launch a 24K headphone at CES 2014
  Iconic audio-video brand Monster Cable to launch a 24K headphone at CES 2014

Monsters direction was hammered out at 

The news out of CES reveals Lee and  Cannon will work together producing two new Tv series. One exploits the drawing power of top DJs to motivate teenagers to take the right direction in life. The other features Lee giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Cannon hammered out Monster’s future direction.
”Kids don’t want a guitar anymore, they want DJ equipment,” Cannon says.
Monster will oblige by releasing its Go DJ, a portable DJ system the company says will offer mobile youngsters a full suite of Pro DJ electronics in one compact package.
The other show targeting aspiring entrepreneurs will put the ‘Head Monster’ Noel Lee, on centre stage where he hopes to inspire other by his own example.
Monster has been growing its audio-video cable and accessory empire for decades and until recently sold  a blistering range of Dr. Dre Beats headphones.
With that partnership in tatters, Lee a 65-year old canny baby-boomer with a keen eye on the future opted wisely to keep the connection to younger consumers going with a number of key strategic partnerships announced at Monster’s CES presser,
The fruit of this collaboration will see UFC luminary, Anothony Pettis, using his link to the Ultimate Fighting Championship to team up with Monster to unleash a kosher UFC approved headphone with the moniker, Monster Octagon.
Lee mixes business and promotion with the best. Basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal lent a hand by giving his seal of approval to Monster’s petite PowerCord personal portable charger which is about as big as a matchbox.
The big names and affiliations continued with Monster and Poker spruiker, Mike Sexton announcing a Monster World Poker Tour headphone and a Monster funded poker tournament.
Monster also said it was forging partnerships with some of the worlds most famous logos including Addidas and Lamborghini.
Monster’s new models include:
24K Headphone
The Monster 24K headphone inspired by rapper, Meek Mills lifestyle and said to appeal to anyone who isn’t meek or shy about expressing their individuality. US price $319.95
N-Tune Pearl, Core, Candy and Matte Collection Headphones
A result of a collaboration between Monster and Nick Cannon these ‘phones target young style-savvy buyersUS price $159-$169.95
Nergy In-Ear Headohones
Available in four vibrant colours of Red, Cobalt Blue, Frost White and Black. US Price $69.95
S.KA.M N-Pluse Pro Over-Ear Headphone
Inspired by leading talent agency S.K.A.M Artist, this model is geared for professional DJs. US price $299.95
DNA Pro Over-Ear Wireless Headphone
An addition to Monster’s DNA range, the DNA Pro Wireless adds advanced wireless Bluetooth technology, Active Noise cancelling circuitry and a USB Digital Audio Feature plus a buttonless touch-sensing user interface. US price $449.95
Monster Octagon Over-Ear Headphone
This is the UFC’s first-ever official headphone. Unique because it as designed by Monster CEO, Noel Lee, the Octagon has swivelling padded ear-cups and a red and black finish.
Monster Inspiration Lite On-Ear Headphone
Built for the fashion conscious who want great sound, the Inspiration Lite features the world’s first ‘hair-grip’ headband so the ‘phones don’t mess with your flair or hair. US Price $279.95
Monster Diamond Tears Limited Edition 
While guys will like them the Diamond Tears are the first headphone made for women who aren’t afraid of bing different. They come in four dazzling metallic finishes-Rose Gold, Chrome, Black Chrome and Clear Blue. US Price 329.95
Please note: some models may not be available in Australia