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Crestron & Savant slug It Out In Court

Crestron & Savant slug It Out In Court

Home automation Company Savant Systems who made their first appearance at the CEDIA Expo earlier this month appears to be getting right up the nose of Crestron who has tried twice to dismiss an antitrust claim against  them in the USA.

It appears that Judges are not having a barr of Crestron’s argument after a call for a summary judgment was denied recently  by Judge Edward F. Harrington of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

Back in September 2010 Savant claimed Crestron violated antitrust laws, including the Sherman and Clayton Acts, as well as violations of the Lanham Act and state unfair competition laws. ACE Pro said that  Crestron explicitly and implicitly keeps its dealers from carrying the competitive Savant lines, and also makes false claims about Savant, its personnel and its products.

In his latest ruling, judge Harrington left open the possibility that Crestron could file yet another motion for summary judgment at the close of discovery.

He wrote that more information was required, especially concerning the product comparison guides allegedly distributed by Crestron. Those guides claim, among other things, “For larger systems, using Savant is an integration nightmare …” and “Savant is a startup company with no support network ….”

Judge Harrison wonders in his ruling “whether the fair use doctrine applies ….”

Crestron must now now file a substantive response to Savant’s complaint and the case will then proceed to formal discovery.