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Premium YouTube Users Get Playables Feature

Soon after YouTube announced a crackdown on ad blockers, it released plans to improve the Premium subscription service, in an effort to convince more people to pay for YouTube.

Now, along with the ability to skip ads, but subscribers will now also gain access to new features.

One of these features, Playables, is now reportedly rolling out to paying customers, and is a standalone section in the app or website that allows the user to play arcade games.

Some Premium users are receiving notifications saying they can now enable to feature through settings.

Once the Playables tab has been enabled, the user can play one of 37 games available, including ‘Angry Birds Showdown.’ The user doesn’t need to download anything, and all games run on the browser or app.

Netflix tried something similar, but it is unclear how well it will pan out. YouTube has said the service will be available until March 28th, 2024, and that’s when it will be revealed if Playables is here to stay.

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