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Playstation Plus To Add Streaming Movies To Its Service

It appears that Sony have plans to integrate a video streaming service into its Playstation Plus offering, with the company briefly putting up, then removing, a logo for the new Playstation Plus Video Pass.

The Polish site also offered a brief description, again, before being swiftly yanked from the site.

“A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus. PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active 22.04.21 – 22.04.22. The subscription benefit is available to PS Plus users in Poland.”

It makes a lot of sense, especially following Sony’s announcement it would stop selling TV and movie downloads through the service from August 31. This is obviously to clear way for the new Netflix-style service.

Aside from its huge movie studio, Sony Pictures Television also produced a swath of content, as does its animation studio Funimation, meaning Playstation Plus might be worth subscribing to for the movie content alone.


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