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Philips has unveiled its kitchen-friendly 24-inch Android TV, designed to be entirely voice-controlled from across the room, perfect for chefs and busy home cooks of all levels.

Also known as the 6000 Series Android TV, the 24-inch Philips display will set you back US$299, though no word yet on Australian pricing or availability just yet.

The 6000 series isn’t designed to blow you away with its display or audio output, instead of it is intended for an audience that needs a screen in the kitchen to display recipes, tutorials or even just to have the news on in the background.

With a built-in Google Assistant smart speaker with far-field microphones in the base of the unit, the unit doubles as a smart-home device to control your connected home.

A dual-speaker system is also included inside the centred stand for stereo audio playback.

The unit itself comes with two HDMI ports, with on being HDMI-ARC for pass-through audio, an optical audio output, a USB port for recording live TV and an antenna port for free-to-air TV broadcasts.

While most brands are looking towards the large display market with production for large panel production increasing from the likes of Samsung and LG, Philips has taken a different approach by reinventing the kitchen TV.

Philips is clearly looking to take on the home-tablet market, attempting to replace tablet-displays with its 24-inch Android TV.

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