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Periscope Set To Add Drone Support

Live-streaming service Periscope is set to launch a number of new functions, including the capability to broadcast from supported DJI drones.

Twitter-owned Periscope has advised of the new functions via a blog post at Medium, with users to be able to broadcast from a supported drone, connecting their iPhone to the drone’s remote.

“We’ll automatically pull in your drone’s video feed and let you switch between it, your iPhone cameras and even your GoPro,” Periscope advises.

Users will be able to narrate using their phone during the broadcast, and will also be able to use Sketch, allowing users to sketch on live videos.

Among other features set to be introduced, Periscope states that it is introducing a feature that will allow users to search for broadcasts by title or topic.

Tapping on the search button in the Global List, users will see a list of suggested topics to search for, while to broadcast about a topic, users can tap the Broadcast button in the topic’s search results to add the relevant hashtag, or add the hashtag to their title directly.

Periscope will also allow users to save their broadcasts beyond 24 hours.

“Soon, your broadcasts will be automatically saved on Periscope and Twitter with comments and hearts,” Periscope advises.

“Should you change your mind, you can still delete your broadcasts at any time in the post-broadcast screen or in your profile. And, for those of you who still want your broadcasts to be removed after 24 hours, you can easily configure that in your account settings.”

Periscope states that the new features are set to be introduced in the coming weeks.

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