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PC Market Down Q4 2015,What’s In Store For 2016?

The PC market continued to decline in the 2015 fourth quarter, according to data from both Gartner and the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Gartner found that worldwide PC shipments totalled 75.7 million units for the quarter, an 8.3 per cent year-on-year decline, while the IDC found that shipments totalled 71.9 million units, a year-on-year decline of 10.6 per cent.

Over the course of the year, Gartner found that PC shipments totalled 288.7 million units, an 8 per cent decline from 2014.

“The fourth quarter of 2015 marked the fifth consecutive quarter of worldwide PC shipment decline,” Mikako Kitagawa, Gartner principal analyst, commented. “Holiday sales did not boost the overall PC shipments, hinting at changes to consumers’ PC purchase behaviour.

“On the business side, Windows 10 generally received positive reviews, but as expected, Windows 10 migration was minor in the fourth quarter as many organisations were just starting their testing period.”

Both Gartner and the IDC reported that Lenovo continued to lead the market in the quarter (reporting a 20.3 and 21.4 per cent market share, respectively), followed by HP, Dell, Asus and Apple.

The IDC noted that detachable tablets, which it counts separately from PCs, are growing quickly yet from a small base, stating that adding these units to PC shipments would boost growth by roughly 6 percentage points in the fourth quarter and 3 percentage points for all of 2015.

Loren Loverde, IDC vice president, Worldwide PC Tracker, noted “PC replacements should pick up again in 2016, particularly later in the year”.

“Commercial adoption of Windows 10 is expected to accelerate, and consumer buying should also stabilise by the second half of the year,” Loverde commented.

“Most PC users have delayed an upgrade, but can only maintain this for so long before facing security and performance issues. We continue to believe that a majority of these users will purchase another PC, motivated by new products and attractive pricing.”

Gartner’s PC shipments outlook for the year is for a decline of 1 per cent compared with 2015, with the potential for a soft recovery in late 2016.

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