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Panasonic Unveil Prime+ Refrigerator Range

Japanese tech giant Panasonic have just revealed their new range of premium refrigerators for Australia, called Prime+. Made up of three models, Panasonic say that the new range is designed to meet the needs of all Australians, regardless of model or kitchen environment.

The Prime+ range benefits from Panasonic’s unique top mount compressor design, which significantly improves food storage and freezing performance by expanding freezer capacity.

Panasonic have implemented a number of new features that make their fridges more convenient than ever. The Prime Freeze feature is able to freeze food five times faster that a standard freezer thanks to the Rapid Freezing mode. There is also Quick Cooling that chills food and drinks in only 15 minutes, and the Cool Down mode which rapidly removes heat from food, perfect for those who bulk cook.

The Prime Fresh feature makes use of a Soft Freeze mode which locks in flavour and nutrients by freezing food at -3°C. This also makes defrosting much easier. The Fresh Safe fruit and vegetable drawer maintains optimal temperature and humidity to keep in moisture and ensure food stays fresh for longer.

Finally, Panasonic’s nanoe™X technology inhibits up to 99.99 percent of bacteria, suppressing odours for safe and hygienic storage.

Prices and availability can be found below.

Model Features Availability Pricing
NR-CW530HVSA French Door, stainless-steel finish Now $2,859
NR-CW530HVKA French Door, dark stainless-steel finish Late June $2,959
NR-BW530HVSA Bottom Mount, stainless-steel finish Late June $2,459


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