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Facebook Spam King Surrenders

Sanford Wallace, who has given himself in to the FBI, stands accused of hacking half a million of Facebook accounts and sending an astonishing 27 millions junk messages to users.

He denies the charges. The man known as the ‘Spam King’ stands accused of posted messages on users walls, luring them to another web location, where their details would then be compromised. 
Spam victims friends lists were also captured by the cunning program and would give their accounts similar treatment.
Wallace is alleged to have devised the program, which bypassed all Facebook’s usual spam filters, and allowed messages purportedly from ‘friends’ to go straight to the users message wall. 

A native of Las Vegas, Wallace, aged 58, was said to also make significant amounts of money from the scheme via the website spamming victims were led to. 
He has been released on US$100,000 bail and has been charged with six counts of e-mail fraud, two of criminal contempt and  three intention to damage to a computer, reports the BBC. 

The offenses were said to have taken place between November 2008 and March 2009. It is believed over 27 million spam messages over The Social Network were sent in total.
And its not the first time Wallace has been in the courts over his spamming hi-jinks. MySpace brought a civil action against him in 2008, for sending junk mail on its network.