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Oz Online Shopping Soars To 9.4 Million

Latest research from Roy Morgan reveals an additional 2.3 million Australians are shopping online since 2014 – with ‘entertainment and leisure’ the most sought after category.

In the year to March 2018, latest numbers reveal 9.46 million Australians purchased something online every four weeks on average – a notable 590,000 increase in twelve months.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, claims online shopping is a “retail revolution”, and represents a “major opportunity” for the growth of Amazon Australia.

‘Entertainment and leisure’ was the most online shopped category, with 4.5 million shoppers buying from the segment in any four weeks.

Fashion was closely behind (2.7 million), followed by food and beverages (2.4 million) and ‘reading material’ (2.2 million).

As per Roy Morgan’s latest numbers, online shopping has accelerated in most categories except furniture.

Levine asserts traditional (bricks and mortar) retailers are under growing pressure, with an understanding of technology-centric consumer behaviour imperative.

“Understanding the technology-specific attitudes and behaviours characterising each Technology Adoption Segment is a great way for online retailers to target their best prospects, approach their marketing decisions more strategically and ensure they’re ready for the challengers ahead, particularly from Amazon.”


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